Eating for Vibrant Energy


Make simple changes to the way you eat, and feel the difference!

When you ask them, most people say they’d like to have more energy. This product has been designed to do just that: it will show you have simple changes you can make will give you a load more energy, every day. And you can start today.

Energy and nutrition are much more closely linked than most people realise – in fact, the energy levels you experience can grow (or drop dramatically) as a direct result of the eating choices you make. The problem is that most people either don’t know this, or have never really stopped to think about it in detail.

In Eating for Vibrant Energy, Kate Cook walks you through an easy structure which can help you change the way you eat – from today – and open the door to more energy. One of Kate’s mantras is that nutrition, dieting and food have become way too complicated, and that all of her courses should be both easy to understand and also very easy to implement – straight away. So Kate promises there will be no calorie tables, no complicated diagrams, no unwieldy anatomy lessons and no food charts. Just some very simple, very powerful principles for you to follow.

Kate knows what she’s talking about when it comes to nutrition. She’s helped more than 7,500 people one-on-one in her Harley Street Clinic in the last 14 years, and she is constantly presenting at conferences, workshops and other events around the world in front of hundreds or thousands of people. The author of five books on nutrition and wellbeing, and the founder and director of the Nutrition Coach Network, Kate is respected for her straight-forward, no-nonsense, results focussed approach to nutrition and eating.

This elearning product will help you rapidly improve your energy levels by making subtle but important changes to the way you eat.

Eating for Vibrant Energy is delivered within 60 minutes of purchase. It takes around 60-90 minutes to complete this eLearning course, including filling out some self assessments, and taking your own notes. You can work at it in stages – as you wish. You may also choose to come back and review certain lessons more than once.

This training product works on Mac, Windows, Android, Tablets and most Smart Phones. It has been developed on a flexible learning platform with great functionality, so that you can have the best possible user experience. It is updated frequently.


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