Try our free online wellness self assessment tool for your entire team

Thank you for your interest in our online tool.  As you’ve possibly read (or been told) at the Birmingham event this week …
  • We’re offering you a FREE online wellness tool which you can roll out to your business (it’s called the Energy Barometer)
  • Each participant will immediately receive a confidential Energy Barometer assessment of where they are on the spectrum
  • You will receive an aggregate Energy Barometer report (once you’ve rolled it out as far as you wish to) summarising our findings for your business
  • We need to do a little customisation before we roll the Energy Barometer out to your business, which requires a 10-15 minute conversation (max) before we implement the tool for you.
  • There is no catch.  No hard sales, no hidden costs, no agenda.
  • What’s in it for us?  First, we have an altruistic aim of raising awareness about corporate wellness whenever we can, and helping people as often as possible (even if they learn one thing from us).  Second, we often end up doing business with people (like you) who roll this out to their organisation.
Next steps …
  • Fill out the brief form below
  • We’ll contact you to set up your free online assessment tool and links
  • We can answer any of your questions
  • As your colleagues complete the Energy Barometer, they’ll get individual reports sent back to them directly
  • At an agreed point in time, we’ll compile and send you your aggregated, organisation wide report.