Kate Cook and her team are building on over 12 years of experience with more than 7,500 individual consultations and thousands of business people trained in group sessions to bring together a suite of eProducts to help people go well at work.

Most of the courses have already been designed, and they are being launched in succession over the next 12-18 months.  Topics covered include …

  • simple principles to follow for success
  • eating for vibrant energy
  • understanding blood sugar
  • mastering the most important meal of the day
  • the importance of variation
  • understanding how and when to eat
  • eat like a caveman
  • eating (well) for stress – to avoid it
  • how to snack for best results
  • emotional eating – and how to avoid it
  • junk food and shopping and reading food labels effectively
  • … and much more
We have developed a core learning framework and modular content which we can piece together to suit the specific learning outcomes you are looking for.  Our aim is to help individuals to be healthier and to improve overall corporate wellness, across the business. Our platform is sophisticated, flexible and future-proofed.  This means that if you are looking to roll out eProducts across your organisation, we can achieve this swiftly, and with your specific requirements in mind.


Content is updated frequently as new research, trends, techniques or information comes to hand.


Secure training platform so that only those who are supposed to be doing the training have access.


Video based learning to increase engagement and improve results.


Advanced analytics and reporting so that you can keep tabs on progress.


Available in all formats: online, desktop, tablet, smartphone.


Ask a question: as an optional add-on, your staff can ask an expert if they want further help or advice.


Incorporating quizzes and tests – we can add these elements throughout any course, to ensure learning is achieved.


Modular learning platform allowing maximum customisation for your business.


      Online, self paced learning to encourage optimal results from your people.

2-24_7_365-Access Available all the time (even on Christmas day, if you please).