There is no doubt that ill-health or poor nutrition impacts employers directly.  Weight problems alone cost the NHS over £7 billion each year.  The impact on business is estimated to reach £45 billion by 2050.  And weight is only one of the problems …

Poor eating habits such as having no breakfast and lunch/snacks leads to a productivity loss of almost 97 million working days a year – estimated at £16.85 billion each year.

Even small changes in your approach to food can have very significant impacts.   Studies have shown that a 1% decrease in hydration levels can reduce productivity by up to 20%.  Eating the recommended “five-a-day” could help prevent up to 20% of deaths from heart disease and some cancers.

Optimum nutrition can …

  • increase energy/stamina
  • help manage blood sugar
  • positive impact weight gain
  • promote better sleep
  • improve concentration
  • reduce stress levels
  • … and much more