Lift your game

with on demand e-Learning

Go Well At Work
Poor eating leads to a yearly productivity loss of £16.85bn.
An online, self paced wellness training tool for corporates
About Kate Cook
Over 7,500 clients and founder of the Harley Street Clinic The Nutrition Coach.

Lift your game – with on demand e-learning

In business, performance is everything.  The health of key members of any organisation can have a huge impact (positively or negatively) on how well the organisation performs. This site is the home of online nutrition training products for individuals and organisations, designed by renowned Harley Street nutritionist and author, Kate Cook. Most people aren’t aware of the impact good eating can have on their life and work.  They therefore have no idea that they could easily change their approach to food, and improve their wellbeing in many ways.  Kate Cook’s programmes are designed to address this.  

Who we work with

Kate-Cook-180 Corporate clients include: Accenture • Acumen • Bank of England • Bank of New York Mellon • Divertimenti • Channel 4 • Charles Russell Solicitors • Chiswick Business Park (Nice Place to Work) • Christies Fine Art Auctioneers • City West Homes • Conocophillips • Discovery Channel Europe • EDF Energy • Food Secret • Investec • Itsu • Jones Lang LaSalle • JP Morgan • Leiths • Ogilvy and Mather • Origins • Oxford University Press • London Underground Limited • McKinsey Consulting • Merrill Lynch • Ping Pong restaurants • Prêt a Manger • Royal Bank of Scotland • Skanska • Topshop • Verisona Law ... and many more.